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Proof: GOP doesn't care about black people

What's missing here? How about 8 of the 9 Republican candidates invited to take part in the GOP debate hosted by the NAACP, America's oldest and most successful civil rights organization. Only Tom Tancredo attended to once again pitch his black vs brown campaign strategy in which he blames the problems of Black America on the coutry's Hispanic/Illegal population.

Why did they not appear? According to their respective campaign representatives the excuses range from scheduling conflicts to Rudy Giuliani's excuse that he was never told of it. Bulshit/bullshit/bullshit!!!

So 8 GOP candidates in a race for the Republican nomination in which all are trying to trying hard to separate themselves from the crowded field, none thought of even making an appearance at what was largely the single largest gathering of black community leaders.

This, by itself is enough reason to not vote for the Republican Party, that is in case the other little things didn't bother you ( like an illegal war, an unprecedented federal deficit, a failed healthcare system, a poor-grinding economy, the numerous abuse of power scandals, the numerous sexual indecency scandals, the stonewalling of the Executive, and the repeated lies upon lies, upon more lies, this administrations serves on a daily basis). Oh, the party of Lincoln, oh the Party of Eisenhower, where have you gone.

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