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Proyecto Caribeño Mobilizes Against American Militarism

On Friday, August 24 Projecto Caribeño placed 75 pairs of Army boots on the steps of San Juan's Cathedral on Calle Cristo. Each pair served to remind everyone, including tourists, of the 75 Puerto Rican soldiers now dead due to America's wars halfway around the world.

For a clear comparison look at the list of coalition deaths below:

Australia 2
Bulgaria 13
Czech Republic 1
Denmark 7
El Salvador 5
Estonia 2
Hungary 1
Italy 33
Kazakhstan 1
Latvia 3
Netherlands 2
Poland 21
Romania 2
Slovakia 4
South Korea 1
Spain 11
Thailand 2
Ukraine 18
United Kingdom 168
United States 3733
-Source: Iraq Coalition Casualties

That means that the Puerto Rican sacrifice for the Bush/Blair war has been greater than that of all but two coalition members, Bush's United States and Blair's United Kingdom. Oh and lets not forget the 27,186 wounded among just the American service men, about 50 % of which with wounds severe enough to have never returned to duty.

I also would like everyone to keep in mind the deaths of over 300,000 Iraqis.

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