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Calle 13 video tribute to Filiberto Ojeda Rios

Calle 13, a celebrated Reggeaton Puerto Rican artist and part of a growing movement of Puerto Rican artists who are increasingly letting their true voices be heard against the colonial status of Puerto Rico under the American Empire.

In this video, Calle 13, pays tribute to Filiberto Ojeada Rios leader of the Machetero movement whose actions since the 1970's have served as inspiration for the continued fight against imperialism in Puerto Rico. Filiberto was shot through the neck and left to bleed to death for over 16 hours by the FBI on September 23, 2005, on the day pro-independence Puerto Ricans celebrate El Grito de Lares which conmemorates the revolt in the city of Lares against the Spanish Empire in 1868.

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Machine Transcript Available Below (non-human transcription) :

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