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Parking for Mitsubishi Monteros Only

Few people believed me when I told them that in some parts of San Juan there were parking spots reserved for Mitsubishi Montero SUVs. So I took a picture. This photo came from the parking garage at the Muñoz International Airport, it reads:

Area Reserved for
Monteros [model year] '92 to '97
Violators will be fined

The explanation seems to be that given the popularity of the Montero (in Puerto Rico and in Latin America) a black market for parts developed, targeting specifically the Montero's computer box found easily under the passenger side dashboard. In an effort to stop these robberies "Montero-Only" parking, with surveillance cameras, became small trend in big San Juan parking garages.

(NOTE: Before anyone mentions it, yes I am aware the Muñoz International Airport is located in Carolina and not in San Juan, but its a distinction only people from Carolina seem to care about.)

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