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Luis Ramirez, 25, killed for being Mexican in Pennsylvania

On July 12, Luis Ramirez, a 25 year old undocumented immigrant was assaulted by four teens at 11:15pm. The teens, three of them football players at Shenandoah Valley High School had been drinking most of the night when they spotted Ramirez. According to eyewitness reports the teens began mouthing off racial/ethnic slurs at Ramirez and then proceeded to beat him. After bringing him to the ground, a kick to the head put him into a coma from which he would never awaken. On July 14, Luis Ramirez, a laborer who only wanted to provide for his wife and two children, died from his injuries.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, or MALDEF, and the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund called for federal monitoring of the investigation and prosecution as it is suspected that a wider pattern of ethnic intimidation may exist in the Shenandoah area. The FBI and the Department of Justice are now investigating further into the incident.

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