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Zapatistas get plug on Canadian TV

I was just watching ReGenesis, the Canadian produced drama about scientists saving the world, or North America at least. The show, which is syndicated worldwide, is like CSI without the glitz and with better science. In any case, while watching episode 10 of season 1, my eyes came across this image:

It reads "Ser Zapatista no es delito, EZLN", roughly "Being a Zapatista is not a crime, EZLN". The graffiti doesn't look real to me, but it may be. Still, it's so well framed that I'm sure whoever shot this, knew what they were looking at. So this is either an accidental or deliberate show of solidarity. I'm betting it was deliberate and I wonder if the EZLN ever saw it.

The episode, entitled "The Source" was first aired on January 2, 2005.

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