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Continuing the Failed "War on Drugs"

A set of hypothetical questions to be pondered by a hypothetical person.

Dear Mr. President,

I must begin to question some of your reasoning regarding your recent, dismissal and non-answer to a question posed to you through your online question polling service. At the website which you championed as a good move for American Democracy, you allowed users to submit and vote on questions that would be asked of you during a town-hall style meeting. One question in particular has drawn the ire of people from a variety of ideological backgrounds. The question of legalization of marijuana as a challenge to the failed policies of the “War on Drugs.”

In your book entitled Dreams of my Father, you cited your own drug use and abuse, as a problem. Paraphrasing, you stated you did it because you were suffering from depression. You claim to have used during this period of your life, so called “soft drugs,” such as marijuana and alcohol, and so called “hard drugs” such as cocaine. I am glad that …

Puerto Rico Islanders headed for Finals in CONCACAF Champions League

Somewhere below the Puerto Rican radar the Puerto Rico Islanders are succeeding and its about time la gente noticed. The team is one win away from entering the finals of the CONCACAF Champions League. I know what you're thinking, "Soccer?!? What?". Get your head out of your ass and check it out.

Here's the bracket:

And here's the link: CONCACAF Champion's League