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Rumor: Fidel Castro set to return to power May 1st

This isn't the first time such a rumor has surfaced. Some expected Castro to appear before the Energy Summit held a few weeks ago in Venezuela, others have suggested Castro has already died and the news is actually being kept from the public. This time the rumors have been sparked by Evo Morales, President of Bolivia who was quoted as saying that "I'm sure, my Cuban brothers, that on May 1 comrade Fidel will return to governing Cuba..." The truth is nobody who actually knows is talking, so what do we actually know?

Fidel has become increasingly active over the past month. Not only has he written a number of articles accusing the Bush administration of endangering food supplies with ethanol production, but just last week Castro hosted the Chinese ambassador for economic and political talks about the region.

Castro is definitely alive. What we don't know is to what degree he is able to conduct business. His articles could have been ghost written, and his meeting with the Chinese ambassador was a closed door affair, with only excerpts made available to the public. Raul Castro has also stayed relatively quiet, though never much of a camera hog, Raul has certainly been more private than Fidel ever was.

So what do we have in the end..? Nothing just a rumor. Though I must admit I am curios to see Fidel back at the podium delivering another 4-5 hour speech.

Source: Press TV, Reuters

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