Thursday, May 03, 2007

Full Coverage: MayDay Rally at MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, CA

The May 1st pro-immigrant protest of 2006 was the largest protest by immigrants in United States history. In contrast to those peaceful protests of 2006, the protest of 2007 will forever be marked by the heavy handed behavior of the Los Angeles Police Department. There are conflicting reports as to how it all began, but everyone from the LA Chief of Police to the cities Mayor have now come forward to say that the police was wrong and a full investigation will now take place (we'll see) to find out exactly what happened. (Picture by Robert Gauthier / LATimes)

This post was put together after compiling video sources from amateur to professional sources that I could find online.


From LA Fox News Channel 11

More from LA Fox News Channel 11

From Telemundo


From Anarco

More from Anarco

From ElDaviosol

From CNN

One thing that is made perfectly clear in all these video is the utter disregard for the safety of the assembled peoples at MacArthur Park. Even with media cameras rolling and reporters of all mediums represented the LAPD acted as the enemy of the people. "To Protect & Serve" who are you kidding, this was an act of persecution & intimidation directed against law abiding members of the City of LA. The Los Angeles Police Department conducted itself criminally and must be held to account for its actions and the respective government agencies should be warned that there is no trust left.

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