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Castro: Britain working towards "the holocaust of the species"


The English Submarine
by Fidel Castro

The press dispatches bring the news; it belongs to the Astute Class, the first of its kind to be constructed in Great Britain in more than two decades.

“A nuclear reactor will allow it to navigate without refueling during its 25 years of service. Since it makes its own oxygen and drinking water, it can circumnavigate the globe without needing to surface,” was the statement to the BBC by Nigel Ward, head of the shipyards.

“It’s a mean-looking beast”, says another.

“Looming above us is a construction shed 12 stories high. Within it are 3 nuclear-powered submarines at different stages of construction,” assures yet another.

Someone says that “it can observe the movements of cruisers in New York Harbor right from the English Channel, drawing close to the coast without being detected and listen to conversations on cell phones”. “In addition, it can transport special troops in mini-subs that, at the same time, will be a…

Council on Hemispheric Affairs Bitch-Slaps Washington Post

The Council on Hemispheric Affairs responds to the a recent article by the Washington Post.

Re: "Assault on an Ally" Washington Post
Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007
Article Summary:The Post criticizes Democrats for their concern with the present humanitarian crisis in Colombia With U.S.-Latin American relations growing increasingly strained, The Post may want to think twice about calling Colombia’s President Uribe an ally (“Assault on an Ally,” May 6, 2007). More so, your editorial revealed considerable error regarding the actual functioning of Plan Colombia.Those responsible for the cruel treatment of tens of thousands of innocent civilians are hardly being brought to justice. Uribe’s formula grants rightwing paramilitary impunity on the most minimum of terms, such as paying an insulting pittance to the relatives of brutalized victims. The Post seems to trivialize Colombia’s grave humanitarian crisis by calling it a “supposed” rights crisis, insinuating that the mass murders and incr…

Latino Insurgent Classic: Kortatu sings "Nicaragua Sandinista"

Kortatu was a punk/ska band from the Basque country in Spain. This is a concert in Nicaragua, I believe, probably in the late 1980s. I've tried looking up some more information but the band disbanded around 1989 and there are few sources. If there are any insurgents out there with more info please share it in the comments section.

Something Interesting: President's Statement on Anniversary of Cuba's Independence

President's Statement on Anniversary of Cuba's Independence

I send greetings to all those celebrating the 105th anniversary of Cuba's Independence.

The longing for justice, freedom, and human rights is a desire that can be delayed but never denied. The United States remains committed to extending the full blessings of liberty around the world, and on this important milestone, we stand united with freedom-loving people of all nations in the conviction that Cuba's future must be one of dignity, liberty, and opportunity.

This day is also an opportunity to recognize the generations of Cuban Americans who have made contributions to our society. Your hard work and high ideals reflect the best of America and enrich our Nation.

Laura and I send our best wishes. May God bless the people of Cuba and all the sons and daughters of Cuba who call America home.


This is of course very funny for all who know the history of Cuba's independence. Yes, on May 20th 1902 Cuba …

Castro: Pay attention to the complexities of human activity

A new essay by Cuban President Fidel Castro, as always an interesting and enlightening read.

The Unanimous Opinion

At the 6th Hemispheric Meeting in Havana, when the discussion turned to the subject of production of biofuels from foodstuffs, which are constantly getting more expensive, the huge majority voiced their opposition with indignation. But it was undeniable that some individuals with prestige, authority and good faith had been won over by the idea that the planet's biomass would suffice for both things in a relatively short time, mindless of the urgency to produce the foods, which are already scarce enough, that would be used as raw material for ethanol and agridiesel.

On the other hand, when the debate on the Free Trade Agreements with the United States began, several dozen people took part and all of them unanimously condemned both the bilateral and multilateral forms of such agreements with the imperialist power.

Taking into account the need for space, I shall return to t…

Video: A Mexican attends an Anti-Immigration Rally

I found this video online, I don't know how many out there may have seen it but it is very interesting how people react to his presence. Also notice that there is a woman in the rally who may be Mexican, whom he calls a 'coconut', I take that to mean "brown on the outside, white on the inside". I don't know who he was, but I give him props for the courage to walk into a situation that guaranteed some physical danger.

[Update: I originally posted the file from, it loaded too slow so I've changed it to the Youtube video instead... Seems to work better]

COHA: Chavez needs "effective coherence, fixity of purpose"

CIA funded paramilitaries in Guatemala 1954

Think Guatemala 1954, When Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela Springs To Mind
This analysis was prepared by COHA Staff
May 14th, 2007

In 1954, United Fruit, in concert with the CIA, successfully orchestrated the overthrow of Guatemala’s democratically-elected government of Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán, charging that the Central American nation had fallen under communist influence. The demise of Arbenz took time to accomplish, with the fatal draught being a casual concoction of miscommunication, corporate arrogance, misinformation, outright deception, a naïve reform-minded government and arrogance on the part of the Eisenhower administration. Arbenz was neither a communist, nor was his government profoundly sympathetic to extreme leftist ideas as charged at the time by U.S. government officials and media outlets. Upon his election in 1951, Arbenz took office in a country in which 70% of the arable land was controlled by 2.2% of the population – only 12% of which wa…

Ecuador's Correa: Government to investigate crimes against humanity of 1980s & 1990s

Ecuador has set up a truth commission to investigate human rights abuses committed over the last 27 years, particularly during the right-wing rule of Leon Febres Cordero, who was president during the 1980s.

The role of the four-member commission is intended to "halt impunity", Rafael Correa, Ecuador's president, said on Friday.

The commission is composed of a lawyer, two human rights activists and Pedro Restrepo, whose two sons disappeared in January 1988 at the end of Febres Cordero's 1984-1988 government.

Restrepo's sons are believed to have been killed by police, who mistook them for Colombian guerrillas. Their bodies were never found.

Human rights

Gustavo Larrea, Ecuador's interior minister, said the human rights of "hundreds of citizens were systematically violated" during parts of the 1980s and 1990s when the government fought to put down a series of relatively minor leftist uprisings.

He said there have been 327 cases of political assassinations, t…

Latino orgs send letter to Bush: "to express our outrage"

Dear Mr. President:

We, the undersigned Latino organizations, write to express our outrage and deep concern over the manner in which workplace raids have been conducted all across the United States in the past few months. As organizations that work closely with the communities that are directly impacted by these raids, we are often the first to respond to the immediate humanitarian crisis that occurs when a raid is conducted. Particularly, we are concerned about the raids’ short- and long-term impact on children. There are approximately 3.1 million U.S. citizen children who have at least one undocumented parent, and there are 1.8 million undocumented children in the U.S. We believe that the U.S. must take the needs of these children into account and fix the broken immigration system that separates them from their parents.

Workplace raids leave a long-lasting impact, not only on the local economy, but on the children who are separated from their parents as a result of a raid. Recently, t…

Liberation Theology Under Papal Scrutiny

Source: Brazzil Magazine
The Real Reason Behind Pope's Visit to Brazil: to Squash Liberation Theology
Written by Marcelo Netto Rodrigues
Thursday, 10 May 2007

Ask any ordinary Brazilian Catholic why the pope is visiting Brazil, and the corny old tune will be the same: "Benedict XVI is coming to canonize friar Galvão, the first genuinely Brazilian saint". Try to ask a layman, and his answer will add an enigmatic acronym to those who do not follow the Church's history: "He is coming for the opening of the 5th CELAM's Conference".

Ask now any Liberation Theology representative, and Ratzinger's jovial visit turns into a clear message in which friar Galvão is a mere popular supporting actor in a plan to contain the Catholic exodus; and the bishops conference becomes the main stage to attack those who live under the prism of "preferential option for the poor" - an option by the way germinated in Medellin (Colombia), in 1968, during the encounter&…

Puerto Rican Citizenship Returns to the People

In 1917 the United States Congress unilaterally passed the Jones Act imposing American citizenship to the people of Puerto Rico, just in time to draft many into American uniforms to fight in World War I. During the intervening years the idea of Puerto Rican citizenship, separate from American citizenship, has been debated almost exclusively among the intellectual circles of the island and rendering the issue dead among the masses. Now after many years Puerto Ricans will once again be able to claim their rightful citizenship once again.

In 1995, Puerto Rican activist Juan Mari Bras flew to Venezuela and denounced his American citizenship in protest of the against the colonial rule of the United States. Juan Mari bras then returned to the island as a Puerto Rican citizen, but no longer an American citizen. Among the arguments that ensued over his action was whether he would now be able to vote in elections in Puerto Rico, since it was only American citizenship that had been recogniz…

Puerto Rican Activist Arrested in Palestine

From The International Solidarity Movement (ISM)April 20, 2007

Alberto De Jesus, a Puerto Rican activist know as Tito Kayak, is under house arrest until 8:30 pm tonight, finishing the 96 hour period that was imposed on him by a military judge in Ofer Military Base, last Sunday night. Tito has been in the home of friends and cannot leave to the police station to get his passport until after the sentence is finished.

Tito was arrested Friday, April 20th, after unfurling a Palestinian flag on top of an Israeli surveillance tower of the Apartheid wall, next to the village of Bil’in , Palestine . His non-violent action took place simultaneously with a press conference at the weekly non-violent demonstration of the Apartheid wall. Bil’in has become the symbol of the non-violent struggle of the people of Palestine and Tito came in solidarity to stand with them in their non-violent resistance as he had done for the people of Vieques, Puerto Rico. The Viequenses struggled non-violently for 60 ye…

Latino Insurgent Speaks

Will have video of the speech soon.

Full Coverage: MayDay Rally at MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, CA

The May 1st pro-immigrant protest of 2006 was the largest protest by immigrants in United States history. In contrast to those peaceful protests of 2006, the protest of 2007 will forever be marked by the heavy handed behavior of the Los Angeles Police Department. There are conflicting reports as to how it all began, but everyone from the LA Chief of Police to the cities Mayor have now come forward to say that the police was wrong and a full investigation will now take place (we'll see) to find out exactly what happened. (Picture by Robert Gauthier / LATimes)

This post was put together after compiling video sources from amateur to professional sources that I could find online.


From LA Fox News Channel 11

More from LA Fox News Channel 11

From Telemundo


From Anarco

More from Anarco

From ElDaviosol

From CNN

One thing that is made perfectly clear in all these video is the utter disregard for the safety of the assembled peoples at MacArthur Park. Even wit…

Recovering from May 1st Rallies


After a full day of marching and chanting, and after taking way too much of the Florida sun... I need little me time to recover. I'm working on a may first redux post with video and pics of the whole movement just need a day to get it together. check back soon.

Latino Insurgent

P.S. here's some funny white people to keep you entertained...