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Ecuadorean Girl Attacked in Spain by Racist

[From AP] The attack, which was filmed by security cameras aboard a train and broadcast on Spain's main television channels, showed a tall man with very short hair repeatedly hitting and kicking a young girl, all the while maintaining a mobile telephone conversation. At least one other occupant of the carriage ignored the aggression. The attack, which was filmed Oct. 7, led to the arrest of a man. A local court judge at Sant Boi, Barcelona, has charged the man, identified only as Sergi Xavier M.M., 21, with causing injury with racist motives, a court statement said Tuesday. The suspect, who had a previous criminal conviction for theft, was released pending further court proceedings, the statement said. The government of Ecuador, where the girl, aged 16, was originally from, has contacted lawyers in Spain to take up her case, Ecuadorean Ambassador Nicolas Issa Obando told reporters. Ecuador's foreign ministry said Tuesday it had sent a diplomatic note to the Spanish embassy in Quito in which the government expressed its "most energetic protest for this xenophobic act."

Train security camera video:

Interview with assailant:

Report from Spanish TV Station La Sexta:

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