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National Day of Protest Against War - Oct 27 Full Coverage Part IV - THE PROTESTS

[Update: attendance numbers have been tallied, 10,000 in Boston, 30,000 in San Francisco, 800 Salt Lake City, 45,000 in New York City, 10,000 in Los Angeles, 2,000 in Orlando, 5-7,000 in Chicago, also 23 cities in Canada held protests]
The protest videos are now beginning to be uploaded as they come in we will be posting them here. [Page maybe slow to load, click on the link after the video to see the full list of videos]
From Sammlyon in Boston:

More Videos...Click below...
From VronRN in Los Angeles

From Alapoet in Seattle

Also from VronRN in Los Angeles

From in San Francisco

From CCProgressives in Maryland

From Jlp1750 in Ottawa

From Zebra334 in Portland on their way to Seattle

From Thelondonfog in London

From jogacoeur

From Labunner1 in Los Angeles

From Oldhacks

More videos to come...

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