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Tito Kayak Strikes Again

Tito Kayak, known by his mother as Alberto De Jesus Mercado, once again made news this week, as the local hero of the Puerto Rican environmental movement and general social activist once again climbed the construction cranes at the Paseo Caribe project in San Juan, PR. This time, local law enforcement were ordered like goons of the mafia to take him down and arrest him.

In a daring escape watched live by many on television, Tito managed to rappel down from the crane and unto a red kayak in the water below while police officers were kept at bay by his supporters. Tito Kayak then rowed himself under a bridge whose clearance was too low for the police powerboats and somehow managed to switch out of the kayak, so when the kayak was apprehended it wasn't him on board. Instead he was swimming across to the other shore. When he was spotted by the police helicopters, other supporters jumped into the water confusing the police further and finally guaranteeing his getaway. This would have made a great scene in a movie, but until his life story makes its way to the theaters you can watch video of his escape here.

[Update: Tito Kayak Turned himself in today to Police officers]

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