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Team Puerto Rico fails to qualify for Olympics Basketball Tournament

Carlos Arroyo after the 2004 victory over Team USA
In a development that breaks my heart and angers me a little, the Puerto Rican Olympic basketball team lost on Sunday to Germany and failed to qualify for the Olympic tournament schedule. This means that representing FIBA Americas will be Team USA and Team Argentina only while Europe is represented by six teams.

This is the fourth time since 1960, the team debut, that Puerto Rico misses an Olympic tournament. The others were in 1980 because of the boycott against the USSR, 1984 and in 2000.

Certainly you can't take anything away from the growth of the sport and talent development within European Basketball. However, the Olympics will not be the same without Team Puerto Rico's performance to watch. At the moment Puerto Rico is ranked 12th in the world behind China, though without picking up any points for Olympic competition, that ranking is bound to drop.

Full Olympic Basketball Schedule after the jump...

1. Composition of groups:

Group A: Argentina, Australia, Croatia, Iran, Lithuania and Russia
Group B: Angola, China, Germany, Greece, Spain and USA

2. Preliminary Round:

10th August 2008:

Game 7 (9:00 hours): Russia vs. Iran
Game 8 (11:15 hours): Germany vs. Angola
Game 9 (14:30 hours): Spain vs. Greece
Game 10 (16:45 hours): Lithuania vs. Argentina
Game 11 (20:00 hours): Australia vs. Croatia
Game 12 (22:15 hours): USA vs. China

12th August 2008:

Game 19 (9:00 hours): Iran vs. Lithuania
Game 20 (11:15 hours): Croatia vs. Russia
Game 21 (14:30 hours): Greece vs. Germany
Game 22 (16:45 hours): China vs. Spain
Game 23 (20:00 hours): Angola vs. USA
Game 24 (22:15 hours): Argentina vs. Australia

14th August 2008:

Game 31 (9:00 hours): Germany vs. Spain
Game 32 (11:15 hours): Australia vs. Iran
Game 33 (14:30 hours): Angola vs. China
Game 34 (16:45 hours): Lithuania vs. Russia
Game 35 (20:00 hours): USA vs. Greece
Game 36 (22:15 hours): Argentina vs. Croatia

16th August 2008:

Game 43 (9:00 hours): Greece vs. Angola
Game 44 (11:15 hours): Russia vs. Australia
Game 45 (14:30 hours): Croatia vs. Lithuania
Game 46 (16:45 hours): Iran vs. Argentina
Game 47 (20:00 hours): China vs. Germany
Game 48 (22:15 hours): Spain vs. USA

18th August 2008:

Game 55 (9:00 hours): Iran vs. Croatia
Game 56 (11:15 hours): Australia vs. Lithuania
Game 57 (14:30 hours): Greece vs. China
Game 58 (16:45 hours): Angola vs. Spain
Game 59 (20:00 hours): USA vs. Germany
Game 60 (22:15 hours): Argentina vs. Russia

3. Quarter-Finals:

The information below shows only who will be playing whom in accordance with the final standings after the Preliminary Round.

20th August 2008:

Game 65: B2 vs. A3
Game 66: A1 vs. B4
Game 67: A2 vs. B3
Game 68: B1 vs. A4

The exact game number and time for the four Quarter-Finals will be known at the latest on the evening of 18th August. The games of the Quarter-Finals will be played at 14:30, 16:45, 20:00 and 22:15 hours.

4. Semi-Finals:

22nd August 2008:

Game 71: Winner 65 vs. Winner 66
Game 72: Winner 67 vs. Winner 68

The exact game number and time for the two Semi-Finals will be known at the latest on the evening of 20th August. The games of the Semi-Finals will be played at 20:00 hours and 22:15 hours.

5. Finals:

24th August 2008:

Game 75 (12:00 hours): Loser 71 vs. Loser 72 (3 - 4)
Game 76 (14:30 hours): Winner 71 vs. Winner 72 (1 - 2)

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