Friday, July 25, 2008

Black, White twins to give racists headaches

A "one in a million" birth of fraternal twins in Germany has brought into the world a set of twins, one black and the other white. The twins are the sons of a white german and his Black West African wife. In a world not altogether at ease with race relations, I bet these kids will have a great story to tell in twenty years. And somewhere there's a right-wing christian bigot pulling his hairs out and screaming "this an abomination against nature!", "race-mixing!", "miscegenation!".

By the way if this had happened in Latin America, they would have just said that one was darker than the other, con un poco the platano, and it wouldn't be news. Not because race isn't an issue, but because it's very common, and not "one in a million" like the European doctors claim.

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