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Obama's New Spanish Language Campaign Ads

The latest ads coming out of the Obama/Biden camapign are targeting the Hispanic communities of states considered battleground contests for the November 4th election. The New Mexico ad is particularly important as New Mexico inches closes into the solid Blue category, but in Florida the contest will be tougher and the ads may be too little too late to generate a groundswell of support. The Nevada and Colorado Ads however may just be good enough to edge out a victory in these hard-fought states where the electoral difference is to to be in the fractions of a percent.

These ads are the first in Spanish using the now famous McCain gaffe "the fundamentals of our economy are strong."

Also interesting is how these ads are all essentially the same with the exception of the statistics in the first few seconds of the ads. It would be nice to see some polling numbers of the Hispanic community before and after the ads, as well as in comparison with each other state. Here are the ads:





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