Sunday, April 08, 2007

Press Consensus: Castro is Right.

After a period of relative silence Fidel Castro came back unto the international scene to repudiate American President George W. Bush's initiative to develop ethanol from corn. Castro's argument that the American plan endangers the world's food supply was at first criticized as sour grapes, but apparently after a brief period of reflection leading newspapers have begun nodding in agreement to Fidel Castro's article in Cuba's state news agency Granma:

America's ethanol drive - The Economist

Castro denounces ethanol - Foreign Policy

Surprise! Chavez and Castro may be (partly) right - Belleville News-Democrat

Castro Emerges to Slam Bush on Ethanol. Is He Right? - Wired News

Each editorial takes a jab at Castor and a glancing blow at Chavez, but they reach the same conclusion corn based ethanol could affect the world's oil supply, and that merits discussion.

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