Sunday, April 22, 2007


For the past few years Americans have risen up in arms against what they perceive to be a threat to their way of life, Latin American illegal immigration. However the truth is there is no illegal immigration problem. There are about 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants, yes, but they are not a problem. In order to prove this we will look specifically at Mexican illegal immigration and we'll do this for two reason; one they constitute the majority of illegal immigrants (57% of the total) and two they are the most noticeable group of immigrant (which makes them the most targeted).

So lets take the high number of 12 million and multiply that by .57 (57% who are Mexican), so there are 6.84 million Mexicans residing in the United States illegally.
These 6.84 million Mexicans sent $16 billion dollars back to Mexico last year to support their families, that means on average each sent back $2339.18 from their earnings here, after paying their personal expenses here.

That $16 billion helps to maintain many families in Mexico where 40% live under Mexico's own poverty line. Mexico is a country of 108 million people, which means that there are close to 43 million Mexican in dire poverty. These Mexicans work (only 3.5% unemployment in Mexico) and mostly work for American corporations who are allowed to pay their workers low wages even by Mexican standards. These workers buy most of their goods from American companies, from shoes and clothes to food.

Mexico imported 253.1 billion dollars in goods in 2006, 53.4% of that from the United States which means that Mexico spent $135.2 billion buying American products. The majority of the $16 billion sent back home to Mexico therefore comes back to the United States.

In other words, those 6.84 million Mexicans, not only help to maintain 43 million more from wanting to come to the U.S. but much of their expendable incomes after paying for their own living expenses, returns to the US by way of goods purchased in Mexico.

In terms of jobs Mexicans do take many labor intensive/low skilled positions from American citizens, mostly in agriculture and construction. But there is only 6.84 million of them, in a country like the U.S. of 300 million people that's 2.2% of the population. And that 2.2% is spread out mostly across the United States. In most states barely registering as a percentage. Even if we at this point used the entire illegal community of 12 million, that would only equal about 4% of the population.

Even if we took the often-repeated myth that illegals lower the wages of citizens, which is impossible for 4% to affect the other 96% so drastically as it is claimed, but even if it were true, then we should thank illegal immigrants for helping to maintain jobs in this country from moving away. After all it is the high labor costs that have sent America's manufacturing plants abroad. So if you believe these illegals are actually lowering your paycheck then be thankful for the fact that your labor cost is low enough to keep your job in this country.

So what about the statistics pushed by anti-immigrant groups, don't they have any validity? Those statistics are derived from a set of assumptions that are at the very least misleading.

1) The first assumption is that illegals don't pay taxes. That is false. Over 90% of illegal workers are paid by paycheck, using fake social security numbers. From which taxes are deducted, both income and social security taxes. They however cannot claim any refunds for those and will never be able to claim what they paid into social security even if they all became legal today, because they would be assigned new social security numbers. Essentially, a case could be made that the solvency of the social security system is protected by illegal immigrants, this is one reason why the Federal Government is so reluctant to stop illegal immigration.

2) The second assumption is that illegal immigration is a drain in social services. Most state budgets derive their funds by taxing property and retail sales. While most illegal are denied the ability to buy real property, they contribute through the rent paid to their landlords, who in turn pay property taxes. In addition, due to the inability of many to place their money in banks, use credit, or take loans, most illegal immigrants spend most of their money in consumer goods, often saving to buy a car or truck, but largely spend on personal consumption goods, through which they pay sales taxes, like everyone else does. And their use of social services is often lower than most citizens as they only use what they need like emergency medical help. More often than not however even in cases of emergencies, like pregnancies or accidents, most do not go to hospitals for fear of being turned into immigration authorities. And in most cases due to their illegal status they pay for services in cash and up front. Millions of small businesses rely on these illegal consumers, just as many others rely on their labor.

3) The third assumption is that illegals commit crimes (beyond entering the country) which endanger citizens. Actually illegals are far more conscious of not committing crimes for fear of deportation and are in fact less likely than citizens to commit a crime. They are however more likely to be the victims of crime and less likely to report it, again due to fear of deportation.

In all the statistics used to demean illegal immigrants are loaded with estimates that take numbers pertaining to the whole population of the United States, like the costs of a regular citizen to the government, add the cost of immigration enforcement and then fail to take into consideration the taxes paid by illegals and the fewer services that they consume.

In all, illegal immigrants are an asset not a liability to the United States as their return on investment always yeilds a positive balance. Unfortunately for the U.S., it looks like the only way this lesson will be learned is after all illegals are deported, and the true value comes to bear upon the American economy and society. Many who see illegals as a burden just don't get it, many just don't know, but they are all being led by those who know and just don't care for the consequences, and those are the ones who are pushing you to believe their dribble in exchange for your vote or for TV ratings.


Anonymous said...

Illegal immigration is a problem because the media and a few opportunistic politians tell us so. The reason these people come to this country is for WORK for an opportunity to contribute to this great land of ours. The goverment and the media like to scare the masses be it thru terror alerts or Pancho running down the hill towards San Diego ready to take that tomato picking job that so many Americans want to aquire. Instead of wasting so much energy in this non-issue why dont we focus on trying to give them papers so they can work here legally. In addition i believe that if immigrants work here and bust their butt for a certain amount of years they should be allowed the right to APPLY for legal permanent residency.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more... The whole thing is a vote/ratings grabber. If people just thought about it objectively they would realize it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If 'they' are not a problem they why don't they open the borders and not call them illegal? What does illegal mean? Back in the 1900's you did NOT come here illegally. Other countries that provide health care and other such niceties, don't have 'open' borders. Why do they penalize the companies that hire the 'illegals' - how are they suppose to support themselves. It's all a stupid game the government is playing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No illegals done!

Anonymous said...

Deport them all! We are sick and tired of spreading their third world
bad habits and turning our once beautiful cities in barrios and slums

Anonymous said...

I disagree with illegal workers being a problem. They are a huge problem on keeping wages low and taking jobs from American workers wanting to make a livable wage to provide for their family. I think there needs to be more funding for I.C.E. to go and enforce the laws and fine the industries that hire them (construction,hotels).


Anonymous said...

This is the single most rediculous response to illegal immigration I've ever heard/read.

The point is, Illegal Immigration is exactly that....ILLEGAL.

I'm all for someone coming to this country to better themselves, their lives and the lives of their family, however, I believe that it needs to be done correctly and legally.

If I were to go to Bolivia or Belgium, I would be expected to know the language and be able to comminicate. I would not expect to be accomodated, nor would I be given ANYTHING.

Yet, your people feel entitled to being accomodated. I guess I figure if you're coming here illegally, at least have the common courtesy to speak the damn language. I see 2,3 and 4 year old kids being taught only spanish....and if you live here, you need to speak English. That's our language. Speak it.

That's my issue. Your people come here and they take and they take and they take, yet....they give nothing back. Cheap labor? Poor Craftsmanship? Mexican restaurants?

Keep it all. Unless you come here legally, and then by all means, do something. But, until then, stay out. If you're illegal, you do not deserve to be here.

Living is this contry is a privilege, not a right, and if your people cannot do it the right way, then don't do it.

Also, take your "Cinco De Mayo" and La Raza celebrations back to where they came from......with the rest of the leeches that come from the South.

Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with this.. I think that illegal immigration is not a problem here in the United States.. First of all they are here to WORK!!! Not to come and destroy here.. And secondly I DON'T SEE NOT ONE OF YOUR WHITE CRACKER AZZ WORKING IN THE DAMN FIELDS!!!

CharlieHorse said...

This is the most ridiculous attempt at justification of a crime that I've ever heard. Illegal immigration is exactly that, Illegal. Isn't that enough of a crime? How many crimes does a murderer need to commit before he's allowed to go to jail? Answer: Hopefully, just one. Secondly, if, as you claim, $16 billion is going to Mexico, then the jobs that illegals have, such as fast food restaurants and construction, were traditionally held by the youth of this country, who spend money as fast as it comes in, negating the need for any more "stimulus" packages.
And finally, to the idiot that claims that he's never seen white people working in fields, I'm a white guy and that's exactly what I did for work when I was in high school and there were a lot of white families that did the same during the summer and at least couple were both teachers.
The point is that if illegal immigrants don't think that illegal immigration is wrong, why do they sneak across the border? Why not just drive through the check points like a non-criminal?

Anonymous said...

Illegal Immigration is a problem but its a small problem.. .03% (350 billion) is contributed to the 14. Trillion national debt, from Illegals, not just hispanics, all illegals. Also remember that mexicans were here first, this is our land. And we aren't going anywhere, so get get use to us.