Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lou Dobbs' Freudian Slip: Confirms suspicions of his racial attitude [video]

Veracifier's constant eye on the news just turned up another interesting nugget of Wisdom from Lou Dobbs, CNN's self-appointed immigration czar. Watch his Freudian slip as he almost blurts out the words "Cotton Picking" to describe Barack Obama and Condoleezza Rice who have both been speaking about race in the United States. Watch the video below:


Anonymous said...

Lou The Racist Dobbs..what a freak in nature isn't that false smiling S.O.B anyway..but one thing was really greatly done by him..he just ignorantly handed Rice and Obama their very point. HUA HA HA HA!!! LOL!

David (Catalonia) said...

I can't believe what I heard just 30 second ago. It's simply incredible.

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