Saturday, July 19, 2008

Puerto Rican actress Rosie Perez and Puerto Rican singer Carlos Ponce go primetime

In case you have not heard, Rosie Perez and Carlos Ponce will appear in NBC's 'Lipstick Jungle' series in a romantic story line to span various episodes into the season beginning in late September.

While there are no details on how permanent these characters will be on the program, any exposure for Carlos Ponce into the mainstream American market will surely help his promising career even if it means that his fans will have to endure a crossover album later in the year. For Rosie, whom I could marry, this is another chance to see her shine in what I hope will be a well written role.

In all, this is shaping to be a very productive summer for Puerto Ricans on television. [See Hector Elizondo on 'Monk']

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boeboe said...

aww, it's too bad i have no patience for tv shows such as 'lipstick jungle.' ponce is hottt!