Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daddy Yankee wants McCain to be his Big Boss

After being told that Daddy Yankee had "endorsed" McCain by my girlfriend I had to quickly go to YouTube to see the video. Sheer laughter followed. There are so many layers of wrong going on that the brain needs to slooooooow down to fully appreciate the magnitude of it all.

The idea behind getting Daddy Yankee’s “endorsement” is to buy; oops I mean win over Latino support for McCain aka Grumpy Bush. The idea is a simple one: get someone those people like to support us so that we won’t have to do anything to win them over.

Reform the immigration laws? Look I have a picture with Oscar De La Hoya.

Puerto Rico is still a colony? Look everyone I’m dancing with J-Lo!

I can only wait for the Iris Chacon endorsement of McCain come October! Sorry, but we recognized your hustle a while back and that wont work with us.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have a stronghold within the “Latino” community. Although traditionally the stereotype goes that Cuban-Americans (read: Miami's Cuban population) votes Republican, and Puerto Ricans (read: New York City's Puerto Rican population) vote Democratic.

These stereotypes and realities however hold more weight with the previous generations. The majority of the 18-28 year olds don’t hold any allegiance to a particular party. That isn’t to say they aren’t politically engaged and active. Most young people recognize the wealth of their own communities and working towards ensuring their capacities are challenged by developing their own organizations rather than turning to outdated organizations or political parties.

Getting back to Daddy Yankee, someone please inform him that as a resident of Puerto Rico he can’t vote for the president! Puerto Rico’s colonial status makes its residents eligible to die in American wars but incapable of voting for the President or congressperson who votes for it.

In the end this orgy of stupidity will be forgotten. Daddy Yankee will continue his career to some degree or another, although he will certainly take an L for this. McCain will continue to grow older.

And older.

And older.

Holding firmly to his misguided vision of the direction the United Stated need to head.

One more thing; what was up with Daddy Yankee’s hair? Daddy Yankee, my niggs, you’re Puerto Rican, get a tape up!

Update: is reporting that Daddy Yankee first approached the Obama campaign but was rejected due to the content of his lyrics and his police record.

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Tratratra said...

Daddy Yankee just lost all street cred and has just betrayed himself as an idiot.