Thursday, September 18, 2008

McCain and Zapatero and Foreign Policy

In an Interview with the Caracol Radio Network, which transmits throughout Latin America and into Spain, McCain faced a series of questions, none of which he answered correctly or intelligently. Here's the Interview.

On Bolivia, McCain's assertion that Bolivia is just like Venezuela and that Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez were the same, shows a level of great ignorance on his behalf. While certainly from a neo-con perspective all them "brown peoples" look the same, from planet earth however Evo Morales is fighting against a fascist right-wing movement that seeks to spit the country in half. Just days ago presidents from throughout Latin America met to discuss the violence that has erupted in the streets. And due to American interference Morales finally resorted to expelling the American ambassador. McCain however has no idea any of this is going on.

On Spain, it is clear that either McCain did not know where Spain is, or did not know who Zapatero is. Either way he should literally slapped for his stupidity. Now, I do not expect everyday Americans to recognize Zapatero, and I have long given up on any American's ability to grasp geography. But if you call yoursel a foreign Policy expert you need to know more than me.

Zapatero is not only President of Spain but former President of the European Union, and Spain is part of the NATO Alliance. Should this not be something a foreign policy expert should know?


Renegade Eye said...

The problem is that Obama doesn't have much more to offer South America. He might even be to the right.

OT: You should fix your blogger ID, to plug your blog.

The Latino Insurgent said...

You are right. Though I am supporting Obama, I have not yet heard anything that would convince me that American policy towards Latin America would change much. Then again if he were to open relations with Evo or Hugo, I doubt he could say it before the election.

All in all I'm more concerned about a McCain presidency which may be actively and even openly aggressive to an independent Latin America.

Still, no American president will ever do for Latin America what Latin America will not do itself. Adopt Social Democratic principles and defend itself against abuse.