Friday, February 27, 2009

The Latino Insurgent is BACK!!!

That's right Mutherfuckers. This was a long hiatus but it has come to an end.

I'm thinking of the Economy, the wars, and the future...

We are probable fucked...


Anonymous said...

That's right "One Bad American Mistake Again"

The war is being moved to Afgan
The Country is in even more Debt b-cuz of his decisions
The Stock Market drops every time Obama say something
Cost of living is rising every day
No help for people in foreclosures
Making people dependent on the government so we never get out from under it's thumb

yeah we've been hoodwinked

Morena's Bohio said... tell....

LuMiNouS said...
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LuMiNouS said...

Anon stayed up all night thinking about an acronym for Obama... (laughs in face). Eight years of bad policy doesn't get fixed in a month... sorry. The idea that a quick fix is going to put everything back on track is idiotic and what got us to where we are in the first place. It took 7.5 for the country to get to where it is, I am sure it will take more than a year or two to get it back to where is should be.