Monday, July 27, 2009

Puerto Rican Actor Esai Morales in BSG: Caprica

Esai Morales may not be a household name to many in the United States, but he should be a familiar face. The Puerto Rican actor has appeared in a multitude of productions including 1987's La Bamba to episodes of Jericho and 24. Much of his work, not unlike that of many other Puerto Ricans, has gone unnoticed by Hollywood who seemed at times to only call on him when they needed a brown face. Truth be told, the man has talent.

Now Mr. Morales will star in the new Battlestar Galactica spin off Caprica as Joseph Adama. On July 25th the cast of Caprica were on hand at Comic-Con, Zap2it has the live-blog of the panel.

The Caprica series is set to air on the Syfy channel Beginning in January 22, 2010. However for those that may have missed it, the show's pilot is available on DVD and I highly recommend it.

Good luck Esai, may the gods of Kobol be with you.

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Christine said...

Esi Morales is a great actor. I love him.