Saturday, February 20, 2016

Un Mensaje de Don Pedro Albizu Campos

Don Pedro Albizu Campos vive en la conciencia puertorriqueña, siempre.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Murder Rate in Puerto Rico Rises Again

Less than 50 days into 2016 and the latest murder figures from Puerto Rico do nothing but demoralize and depress any hope for immediate relief of the public safety situation.  Officially there have been 87 murders in the last 49 days.  I say "officially" because as the Puerto Rican Newspaper El Nuevo Dia points out, these figures do not account for at least another 12 cases whose motives have not yet been determined.

The sudden spike in homicides come a year after media outlets reported that the incidence of homicides in the island was at a 15 year low after a few years of decline.  These new numbers, currently showing a 53% increase from the same period last year, are worrisome but we should remember that neither crime rates nor criminal behavior act in linear fashion.  And neither care much for arbitrary calendar years.  A few weeks of lower than average incidents could deliver striking different headlines in a couple of months. 

Clinton's Ad Designed to Win Latino Vote in Nevada

Here is Hillary Clinton's new ad directed at Latinos ahead of the Presidential Primary contest in Nevada on February 20th.

The ad is meant to look like a spontaneous question during an unguarded campaign moment.  We are supposed to believe this 10 year-old girl with her hair and makeup perfectly primped just happened to be sitting in that circle of chairs. We can say that at least it was quasi-scripted with the local organizers placing all the important pieces in play to get the right composition of items to make an ad, but we really don't have to.  Seats so close to Clinton are not just randomly available, the whole of it is somewhat suspect just for that reason.  Yet, that doesn't matter.  Authenticity is not what this ad is trying to sell.  The message of the Clinton campaign is a simple one "Estoy Contigo" - "I am with you."  That's the campaign directed at Latino Democratic voters and that is the message that is being reinforced here. "Clinton  is with us,"  Only she understands "us."  It is a manipulative but brilliant campaign and one that I expect will be most effective with Latino women voters than with Latino males.

Notably the ad places Clinton in the role of "ally" of the Latino community and therefore deserving of its vote.  Note that nothing is being proposed, prompted, or promised here, simply the idea that Clinton will take care of "it." She will "worry " about it.  This is good campaign stuff and it cements the core idea that Clinton will support some kind of immigration reforms and will seek to bring relief from the current status limbo of many of the undocumented, without actually taking a clearly defined position.

But lets be real.  While we know that Clinton is "with us," but we should also remember that she is only "with us" for as long as it is advantageous to her campaign.  Immigration, with the Dream Act included, is just another card in Clinton's political deck.  Don't think she wont fold on us when the next hand is dealt.   

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kombo Latino in Hamilton, NJ

Every weekend in festival parks across the United States a salsa band plays.  Made up mostly of excellent musicians who  hustle for gigs with little pay, these bands are everywhere looking to entertain and to put a little bit of rhythm into the air. Here is Kombo Latino playing a perfect rendition "Sin salsa no hay paraiso" by El Gran Combo.

If you are in the New Jersey area look out for their next gig and follow them on facebook.

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Rogen's Joint Rolling Tutorial - Most Subversive Video on the Internet

While marijuana continues its march toward greater mainstream acceptance it is no longer the cry of "Reefer Madness" that stands as an obstacle.  Rather, it is ignorance that stands in the way of marijuana's proper place in our modern culture. If we divided Americans into those who smoke weed and those who do not, I am certain that we would find that among those who do not smoke it a large percentage do not smoke it because they don't know where to get it, how to buy it, or what to do once they have it.

 In this video Seth Rogen, star of film and television and friend of all that is dope, provides the world with a simple and much needed tutorial on how to roll a joint.

Make sure you send this to your abuela for her cataracts.