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Tito Kayak Strikes Again

Tito Kayak, known by his mother as Alberto De Jesus Mercado, once again made news this week, as the local hero of the Puerto Rican environmental movement and general social activist once again climbed the construction cranes at the Paseo Caribe project in San Juan, PR. This time, local law enforcement were ordered like goons of the mafia to take him down and arrest him.

In a daring escape watched live by many on television, Tito managed to rappel down from the crane and unto a red kayak in the water below while police officers were kept at bay by his supporters. Tito Kayak then rowed himself under a bridge whose clearance was too low for the police powerboats and somehow managed to switch out of the kayak, so when the kayak was apprehended it wasn't him on board. Instead he was swimming across to the other shore. When he was spotted by the police helicopters, other supporters jumped into the water confusing the police further and finally guaranteeing his getaway. This would h…

10 ways to avert the end of the American Empire

I have often been criticized for being anti-American, but that is an inaccurate portrayal of my points of view. I am highly critical of the United States because I expect more from it. As a citizen of the United States, I too have a stake in it's future and I do not want harm to come to it. For that reason I am offering here ten ways in which the United States can avert a fall from grace as a global superpower.

1) Rapidly privatize space exploration and travel: Space exploration has been a major driver of new technology development, from computers to medicine, but American leadership in this field is eroding fast. In the past 10 years the number of space faring nations has risen to 11, counting the European Space Agency as one. In the next few years Brazil and Kazakstan (which inherited the development and launch facilities of the former USSR) will inaugurate their own programs, and reaching the moon is the next logical goal. In order to out-do the investment potential of cou…

The Warehousing of the American Population: U.S. leads world in incarcerations.

"Freedom" may be the slogan of the United States, but the data shows something different. If someone where to ask you where are you most likely to be put in prison, the answer is the United States of America and not by a slight margin. Yes, the U.S. of A. is the world's top jailer. In fact, with only 4.6% of the world's population the U.S. accounts for 24% of the total world's inmates. This is according to the University of London's International Center for Prison Studies.

Here are their statistics
by totals and by rate per 100,000.

*Both lists also include all territories and colonies around the World.*

By total number in Prison
1 United States of America 2,245,189 2 China 1,565,771 3 Russian Federation 889,598 4 Brazil 419,551 5 India 332,112 6 Mexico 216,290 7 Thailand 161,844 8 Ukraine 160,046 9 South Africa 159,961 10 Iran 150,321 11 Indonesia 116,688 12 Vietnam 98,556 13 Poland 89,805 14 Philippines 89,639 15 Pakistan 89,370 16 Banglades…