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McCain picks Palin: Insults entire American nation

Sarah Palin is now John McCain's running mate. Sarah Palin is Alaska's freshman governor with only 20 months in office. Prior to that she was the mayor of Wasilli, a town of 6,000 people. And prior to that she was Miss Wasilli the runner-up for Miss Alaska. She has 5 children, and she believes that killing animals is fun, wearing fur is fashionable, and saving the environment is akin to a waste of space.

She also believes that creationism is science, and that evolution is the religion of others. That is even more surprising given that she has a son with Trisomy 21 (a.k.a Down Syndrome) which is a genetic disease. But then again, there is very strong speculation that that son is actually her daughter's son which she is passing off as her own to maintain an idyllic family values image. But that is now just speculation.

She is also an anti-abortion advocate, which with five kids I wouldn't expect anything different. But she is a far-right advocate of no abortions no matter what. No exceptions for rape, incest, or health risks to the mother. On this issue she is an ideologue with little civil or policy sense. She's essentially a heartbeat away from throwing pregnant women into jails to make sure they go through labor even if its a 9-year-old raped by her father, or a 40-year-old in danger of dying in labor.

She claims to be "pro-contraception" though there is very little evidence she has ever used it. At least we know of five distinct times when she did not use it.

She is pro oil even as she claims to have stood up to the oil companies.

Finally, she is NOT Hillary Clinton.

I am a strong advocate of Ms. Clinton, even if I chose to support Barack Obama. But my support for Obama came from my want for a fresh start for the party. I rejected Hillary's campaign just as I would have rejected Ted Kennedy or Al Gore had they campaigned for the Presidency, and just as I did reject Edwards, Dodd, and Biden, during the primaries. But nobody, NOBODY, can take away from us who Hillary Clinton is, the best advocate for health-care, unions, and working families.

But Sarah Palin is not Hillary Clinton, She isn't even Laura Bush.

Sarah Palin is a gimmick. A news cycle oddity. A distraction at best, a disaster at worst for the Republican Party.

If the McCain campaign chose her, a complete unknown and after meeting her only once, it is because she fits neatly into an election year strategy. One that targets women motivated by Hillary Clinton's campaign, and equally placates the evangelical crowd.

But putting God first has always meant putting women last in American politics. Palin is a clear example of this.

Even if she was as qualified as Condoleezza Rice, the whole women-have-no-right-to-their-bodies thing would anger most women, and many men.

As a Masculine American I am upset that Palin is anti-abortion, but especially in cases of rape and incest. How utterly heartless and irresponsible do you have to be to tell women that they cannot have an abortion after being raped. Or tell me that my wife, girlfriend, or daughter must carry to term the baby of a rapist. Do you have any idea, Ms. Palin what that does to a woman already traumatized by rape? What it does to a family? No, of course not, because that's what happens when you live in an extremely conservative state where most people are the same religion and live 100 miles from each other. You forget to care for others.

But Palin is more than an insult to women's rights, she is the latest embodiment of the disdain for the intelligence of the American Voter constantly exhibited by the McCain Campaign.

For months the McCain campaign has made an issue of Obama's supposed inexperience and youth, but instead they chose someone less experienced to complete McCain's ticket. And let there be no doubt, if elected he is going to die of old age in office.

When Obama chose Biden as his running mate, McCain blasted the decision saying that Obama was disregarding the will of 18 million Democrats who voted for Hillary. And yet he disregards all republican primary voters by not even choosing one of the other primary contenders. Again there's that streak of hypocrisy, accusing Obama of something which he then exemplifies himself.

If the respective political campaigns are any measure of the readiness of the candidates for the office of the Presidency, these most recent antics of McCain compounded by the campaign's behavior during the past six months, leaves little doubt that his potential effectiveness as an administrator and executive of the nation will leave much to be desired and a nation in peril. For now, its just a nation insulted.

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