Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin, McCain, Giuliani continue to insult: Community Organizers Unite

I am a community organizer, and so are many of my closest friends. We have built houses for people, found jobs for people, advocated on their behalf before government bodies. We have done more to benefit people in Central Florida than any career politician has ever done. To denigrate the work of community organizers is to insult the backbone of every non-profit, every church, and every public school across the country.

I expect that this display of sheer ignorance by the McCain/Palin campaign will stick with every one who has ever worked directly with their local communities.

If you are a community organizer send a donation to the Obama campaign A.S.A.P. I already did. Give them a dollar at least.


iwaldoda said...

It is hard to comment on this and feel that my words will be heard, because you are obviously responding from a hurt heart. I must admit that I don't know enough about your job description or that of a governor to compare. Perhaps, she felt
comfortable talking about it because of the various roles Palin has held. She would have been aware of those roles you play. She might have said it differently, but her point was, a governor is not an empty do nothing on her resume which has been implied, and she was accountable to the whole town and now the whole state.

The Latino Insurgent said...

Well as far as her accountability, I'm not impressed. As far as her not being aware of what community organizers do?!? Then she doesn't know the people who work directly with her very own constituency. It is not a matter of comparing the two jobs (politician v community organizer) it is a matter of knowing who is actually taking matters in their own hands in the community. She is either ignorant of her community, pandering to the Republican establishment, or simply trying to score point on the backs of the people that make a real difference across the country, from PTAs to civil rights, to homeless shelters, etc. Either way she's lost my respect.

Scott said...

Doubt that Sarah Palin ever had your respect, her being a conservative and all..If you have been following both sides of the process, you may have noted that Obama brought the comment on himself by belittling her accomplishments (a fact that was missing in your "journalism"). I certainly don't advocate mud slinging or name calling (a problem you're obviously not afflicted with), but if one throws a "tit", he better expect a "tat".

The Latino Insurgent said...

Hi Scott,

You're an idiot, how's that for a "tat". Nobody would ever confuse this blog as journalism. This is an OPINION blog. I know conservatives have a problem telling the difference as evidenced by your likes such as Limbaugh, Hannity and others. Opinion is not journalism. For example when I say you're an idiot I'm sure you'll agree that such is only my opinion.

Second, Palin made a blanket statement about community organizers, an ignorant statement, an indefensible statement. The fact that you choose not to acknowledge it is your bias to deal with and your vote to throw away.

Lastly as far as respect is concerned, it is different from a vote. Respect doesn't earn you my vote. I can respect people for their intellect and experience as well as their personal character regardless of their political ideology. But to have my vote you have to agree with my beliefs about the future of this country, no matter how many kids you've popped out. So yes, she never had my vote, but I did afford her respect.

Christian said...

I have to agree with Scott here in that a "Tit" will always be followed by a "Tat"...if you try it the other way-a "Tat" then a "Tit"-the Earth's gravitational pull will be thrown off and we will all die of smallpox.

So in summary: "Tits" first.