Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hispanic Republicans out-of-touch with real Latinos

If anyone ever doubted how out of touch the Republican Party is with the issues affecting Latinos across the country, they need only visit the website for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly (or RNHA for the hipsters).

Apparently, there is only one issue we Latinos care about according to the GOP and that's the passing of the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Funny how in all my sleepless nights that never crossed my mind. Here I was thinking about the shrinking job market, rising unemployment, failing schools, police brutality, immigration laws, and my friends and family fighting in Iraq. Thanks to the Republicans now I know that all the issues I thought were important were just foolish. After all, if they say so, they must be right, I should only care about the Colombian Free Trade Agreement. Thanks G.O.P. for setting us dumb Latinos on the right path.

Here's a close-up:

Oh, in case you are wondering who these Republicans are who are so in touch with our needs here are the names of the members of the RNHA Advisory Board (its like a who's who of mediocrity and bad ideas):

George Allen
Former US Senator and VA Governor

Michael Barrera
Former Ombudsman, SBA

Victor Cabral
Senior Counsel, NBC/Telemundo

Roger Campos
President, Minority Business Round Table

Al Cardenas
Former Chairman, Republican Party of Florida

Linda Chavez
Chairman, Center for Equal Opportunity

Rita Dimartino
Former VP, Congressional Relations for AT&T

Ron Ebensteiner
Former Chairman, Republican Party of Minnesota

Luis Fortuño
US Congressman, Puerto Rico

Esperanza Guerrero-Anderson
President, Guerrero-Anderson, Inc.

Orin Hatch
U.S. Senator – Utah

Kay Bailey Hutchison
U.S. Senator - Texas

Tony Jimenez
President, MicroTech, LLC

Carol Jean Jordan
Former Chairman, Republican Party of Florida

Mel Martinez
U.S. Senator - Florida

Grover Norquist
President, Americans for Tax Reform

Henry Ramirez
Former Nixon White House Official

David Rivera
Florida State Representative

Marco Rubio
Speaker of the House, Florida

Michael Steele
Chairman, GOPAC

Massey Villarreal
Former Chairman, RNHA and USHCC

Juan Zapata
Florida State Representative

Gee, I almost expected Alberto Gonzalez on the list, I guess they have standards.

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