Saturday, September 13, 2008

Puerto Rico Wins Bronze in Paralympic Games

Her name is Nilda Gomez Lopez (Pictured on the right) and she is Puerto Rico's forgotten star. Her bronze came in the 10m Air Rifle Standing. She beat Libby Kosmala, Australia's favored shooter, for the medal.

The Australian Paralympic Committee reported the battle as follows:
"Libby Kosmala fought a neck-and-neck duel with Puerto Rico’s Nilda Gomez Lopez. Coming into the 10th and final shot, Kosmala had a 0.2 point lead but her score for the shot was 10.1 (out of a possible 10.9). But the Puerto Rican shot 10.4 to beat the Australian veteran by 0.1 with a total of 489.2 points overall to Kosmala’s 489.1."

Speaking with China's Xinhua News Nilda Gomez Lopez said:
"Please forgive me if I am being illogical. I am very, very excited."

Nilda Gomez Lopez, a true Puerto Rican hero and an inspiration to everyone in the island and beyond. We love you Nilda.

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